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The most popular site in Darknet. A monopolist in the sale of various goods of a certain topic in Europe and the Darkweb countries.

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ViceCity Market - reliable and stable platform

Marketplace number one in Europe and the Darkweb countries! ViceCity Market is a unique platform that does not obey any state and works completely in autonomous mode!

The maximum degree of anonymity, implemented using the latest Tor technologies, allows you to remain the venue of the most non -lay and protected in Darknet

The choice of users

More than 3,000,000 active users choose a ViceCity Market site to purchase goods and services!


For 5 years, the ViceCity Market Marketplais has been famous for its uninterrupted work, guaranteeing the constant accessibility of the site!


No personal data is required to make purchases! Anonymity and safety of the site

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Advantages ViceCity Market onion

The site has a number of tricks compared to its competiTors. These are automotive vehicles available 24/7, its own laboraTory, selectively checking the quality of the proven goods, a customer support system, instant exchanges and much, much more than another


All sTores presented on the site offer discounts to their regular customers. Discount size can reach 100%

Uninterrupted work

A round -the -clock mode of operation! Without lunch and weekends! The site is available at any time due to the cluster system of servers

Domains .onion

Using Hidden Tor and domain names in the .onion zone allow you to remain completely anonymous and not worry about your safety


All your purchases are protected! If something goes wrong, the moderaTor will come to the rescue and solve your problem as soon as possible

Auto sales

You no longer need to wait for the goods - it has already been delivered and defiled! You just have to choose the product and get accurate coins

Instant exchange

Bitcoin exchange occur directly on the site! Anonymous buying cryptocurrency is available to all users in the most popular areas

Own laboraTory

Own laboraTory selectively check all the goods presented in sTores! Check reports are available to all users


The system of honest ratings, without the possibility of wrapping or deleting, gives the basis of a competitive parting between sTores!


The built -in forum to discuss various issues creates a unique community, where everyone can find the required information

Assortment of the site

A huge amount of goods is presented on the ViceCity Market. More than 1,000,000 positions! On the site you can purchase almost everything from marijuana, ending with fake documents and state digits to the car. Onely, the site prohibits the sale of cold and firearms - specializing mainly for surfactants. On the site you can also order a break, buying special equipment, for example, a modem for traffic encryption, SIM cards, passports, driver’s licenses and much, much more! STores offer more than 40 categories, which is many times more than competiTors! ViceCity Market Onion can rightfully be considered the largest square in Europe and the Darkweb countries!

Free access to the ViceCity Market

There is no longer any need to moniTor the locks of the Tor and look for working mirrors. ViceCity Market is always available in 24/7 mode in the .onion zone

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